This Week in Presentations on the COP-29 Azerbaijan Theme within the Scope of the “UN Talks” Program

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  • This Week in Presentations on the COP-29 Azerbaijan Theme within the Scope of the “UN Talks” Program

Within the scope of the “UN Talks” programme, the 10th presentation on the theme of COP-29 was held this week. Nur Miraç Budak, one of the participants of the Turkish World Monitoring Centre of the Divan Association, made a presentation titled “Climate Change and Health: The Effects of Climate Change on Human Health in Azerbaijan: Air Pollution and Infectious Diseases”. In the flow of the presentation, Budak mainly mentioned the problems caused by climate change and discussed the issue together with the effects of climate change on human health in Azerbaijan. Budak stated that especially air pollution is in a cycle with climate change and added that Azerbaijan ranks 52nd among the world countries in terms of air quality and air pollution according to the World Air Quality Report. It was underlined that climate change has negative effects such as the decrease in agricultural productivity, potable water resources and air quality in Azerbaijan, and these effects have negative effects on human health both physiologically and psychologically. Among these diseases are allergic diseases, chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases, and the number of examples can increase even more. At the end of the presentation, Budak added that climate change also has an impact on infectious diseases, an example of which is the Covid-19 virus, which has caused a worldwide epidemic in recent years. Budak concluded his presentation by informing that Azerbaijan continues to work on programmes and projects where the concepts of “green energy” and “neutral carbon” come to the fore within the scope of climate change.

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